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Rating Matters
A collection of information resources on rating & billing

Rating Matters Newsletters (click to subscribe)
Adventures in Rounding - Issue No. 1
Making A Bundle with Bundling (Part 1) - Issue No. 2
A Little Christmas Present - Issue No. 3
Making A Bundle with Bundling (Part 2) - Issue No. 4
Other Issues with Bundling (Part 3) - Issue No. 5
What is Rating? What is Billing? - Issue No. 6
The Injustice of Volume Discounting - Issue No. 7
Charging for the Wireless Internet - Issue No. 8
Clash of the Titans (Real-time Rating versus Batch) - Issue No. 9
When is Slippage and Breakage Good for Profits? - Issue No. 10
Give Me That Old Time Relationship - Issue No. 11
Program Code Based vs. Table-driven vs. Rule-based Rating - Issue No. 12
ISP Bandwidth Billing - How To Make More or Pay Less - Issue No. 13
A Second Serving of Percentile Billing - Issue No. 14
Block of Time Rating - Issue No. 15
Why a Day isn't Always 24 Hours Long - Issue No. 16
Preventing Duplicates - Issue No. 17
A Happy Cog in the Machine - Issue No. 18

Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 6:32 AM
To: Carl Wright
Subject: Thanks Carl

Hi Carl,

I am Anchal from India. I am into Telecom Domain since 1 year ago. I have been to your site and have read "Rating Matters". They are really amazing. The way you have explained is incredible. Especially the Issues No. 6, 8 and 12. I just want to thank you for writing so simply and clear-cut. It really helps newcomers like us who have just entered in Telecom Domain. You are such a boon for newcomers like us. Thanks a lot.

Regards,  Anchal Gandotra

What readers say:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy "Rating Matters". You address the subject from an perspective that is not found in any other coverage. Your personal combination of industry expert, consumer, and practitioner allows you to delve into matters that I would probably either never consider or come across otherwise. I already have had a few instances where the information contained in one of the issues has put me a step ahead of the rest of the conversation. Thanks."

Leonard J. Mignerey
Vice President ITC Software Development

DST Innovis

"Carl, a special thanks for your articles on rating. They provide some interesting insights into the business impacts of billing from a provider perspective as well as that of a consumer. I take pause and think during each perusal."

Jack Searight
Manager, Message Processing and Billing

"You did a great job describing the price issues for wireless internet. As a Billing Service Bureau, the topic is close to our heart."

Look forward to your perspectives,
Rick Meggison
President, United Support Systems

"Just wanted to thank you for publishing your thoughts on various rating topics. I read and enjoy every one."

Nancy Glidden
Director of Customer Satisfaction
Midwest Wireless

Rating RFP Resources

A Model Rating RFP Questionnaire

An HTML document containing more than seven hundred questions about the features and functionality of a rating system. Use it to create your request for proposal (RFP). Permission to copy and include in new documents is granted to all persons.

In HTML (335kb)>

In Microsoft WORD format (202kb) ZIP file (53kb)

Give Me That Old Time, Real Relationship (.pdf)
An article in the October 2002 issue of the Billing magazine. It is related to Issue no. 11 of Rating Matters.

Next-Gen Rating (.pdf)
An article in the February 2003 issue of Billing World & OSS Today magazine. Carl Wright was proud to help Susana Schwartz with this article.

A Story of Database Marketing and Rating

A PowerPoint presentation on MCI's Friends & Family Program (saved as PDF with annotations)

A PowerPoint presentation on the market impact of MCI's legendary marketing program. Friends & Family remains one of the most compelling examples of a rating plan and marketing effort creating revenues for a company. Most examples also involve new services and new network equipment. This plan created value for MCI solely based on a new way of charging for the services.

Northern Telecom contributions

In 1995 Northern Telecom published two tutorials about North American Telephony that remain valuable, even if they are dated. These are the copyrighted property of Northern Telecom.

A basic introduction to how long distance is delivered in North America and opportunities for Network Providers in the long distance arena (.ZIP file with .pdf files inside - 680k)

Telephony 101 - A basic introduction to how Telephone Services are delivered in North America (.pdf file- 700k)

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