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Tutorial Announcement for Billing World 2001

Presented by Carl Wright of Service Level Corporation


The typical large carrier today has to deal with thousands of rating plans and the continuing innovation in offers and deals continues to create more. How a service is rated has a direct impact on your company’s revenues and consumer demand. Rating and billing plans are both complex and confusing.

The speaker will take you inside the complexities of these plans and show you the revenue sources hidden within. You will learn how to increase your company’s profits through effective use of rounding, distance rating with V&H coordinates, time of day discounts, product bundling and more.

"Techniques of the Rating Masters" is aimed at marketing professionals who define service offerings, IT professionals who have to implement and support the rating strategy and Revenue Assurance professionals who need to verify and control a company’s costs.


  1. Overview: The role of rating in Billing and OSS
  2. The Master Rating Model: the process model, the data model, the business model
  3. From tariff filing to implemented rating solution: Calendars, Rating Periods, and all the rest.
  4. Rating errors and maximizing the revenue you get
  5. The operational issues of rating: batch, fast batch, near real-time, real-time
  6. Rating in different environments: Wire line telephony, North American Wireless telephony, Prepaid telecommunications, GSM wireless, The Internet, GPRS, 3G, and UMTS
  7. Future Trends: Postalization and the disappearance of rating, content and royalty rating


Carl Wright is president of Service Level Corporation. He has two patents granted in rating technology. Carl previously provided rating software for more than seventeen years as President of Lynn-Arthur Associates, Inc. which has since been acquired by DST Innovis.

How to Attend.

This seminar is costs $895 if purchased separately from the Conference attendance. It's only $500 if you purchase it with your conference attendance.

See to register. The tutorial is scheduled for 25 June 2001 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


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