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Markets & Industries Served

The markets & industries that we serve include telecommunications providers, wireless service providers, Internet service providers, application service providers, and utilities.

To help you understand how we can help you, some of the needs we serve include the following:

When your customers need to know the amount they have spent within seconds of using your services, SLC products will help you. Our Ratchet™ Rating System provides parallel, real-time processing of transactions.

ASP provides pre-paid usage based charging

When your Application Service Provider (ASP) company wants to provide prepaid services arrangements, you need to know the spending of your customers quickly enough to slow or stop usage when their prepaid accounts are depleted.

ASP changes to customer value based charging

When you seek a customer value-oriented charging scheme, Ratchet Rating system permits you to define your own units of measure and charge for services in those units. When customer value is measured in transactions processed, reports presented, or orders taken rather than megabytes transmitted or minutes of connection, Ratchet users can charge in those units of measure.

ISP changes to usage based charging

When your Internet Service Provider (ISP) company wants to shift its revenue stream from the subscription-based revenue to a usage-based revenue, Instant-IP® Rating Services let your customers track and control their spending instantaneously.

When your service provider company needs to know the money value of customer spending immediately to control fraud or to offer new kinds of services based on the value spent, Ratchet™ Rater can help you.

Providers lower by shifting off more expensive hardware

When your telecommunications provider company needs to reduce its costs for hardware upgrades on mainframe billing systems, you can offload your rating processing to workstation or personal computer systems with the Ratchet™ Rating system.

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