Issue No. #3 24 December 2000 ISSN: 1532-1886

A Little Christmas Present by Carl Wright

On this Christmas Eve, I want to send you a small gift and our wishes for the best for you and those close to you. Merry Christmas!

Crash! Bamm! on the Internet

Crashes and explosions fill the Internet as Mr. IP explains the role of routers, IP switches, LANs, and firewalls. You'll love this short animated movie titled Warriors of the Net (IP for Peace). This free fifteen minute animated movie produced by Ericsson MediaLab does a a wonderful job of giving you a mental model of the Internet and its components. One of our readers, Dr. Thomas Pierce of Rohm & Haas, told me about this gem. My thanks to him.

You can find this MPEG movie at We loaded it down to a machine on our LAN so that we could see here at Service Level Corporation. It was much too slow for me to view directly off the net.

Since everyone is affected when the router is down, this gives everyone on your staff a chance to understand what that means and why it matters. I'm still wondering what the Ping of Death is?

A White Paper on Wireless Internet (3G) and Rating

I've prepared a white paper titled Rating Support for Revenue Opportunities on GPRS and UMTS about the impact that Third Generation wireless networks will have on rating technology and the requirements for rating these new services. One of the big surprises about Wireless Internet is the expected size of this new market. The white paper tells you about this and my conclusions about how rating is affected. You can find it in the Rating Matters web pages

Tell Me What You Want To Hear About

The subjects that I cover in Rating Matters are driven by my personal interests in rating and billing. These are limited by the breadth of my personal experience. Please let me know about items you want to hear about or you'd like explored further. Send me your requests at .

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