The "Ins and Outs" of rating
in the Ratchet® Rating System

Ratchet®'s control of its data input and output

The following images show the panels to control the data processed by Ratchet. Inherent in Ratchet is a data mapping system that permits you to insulate your rating processes from the changing data values coming from your network elements or to directly process the raw data provided by network elements so that no information is lost to your rating processes.

The following panel defines the input and output structures processed by Ratchet. You can define both traditional record formats and today’s IP record formats.

Figure 1. This panel shows the definition of a basic IPDR record and its definition of the values expected in the IPDR.

The following panel is used to define all the data fields that are available to process in Ratchet. It is the data dictionary for a Ratchet implementation. The data dictionary may be customized to each customer implementation. After definition, these fields are mapped to input/output structures and data classes, and may be referenced and used in rules throughout the processes of Ratchet.

Figure 2. This panel permits the detail definition of the expected data formats and naming used for the fields when rating rules and specifications are created.

The following panel defines the internal structures of data available in Ratchet. These internal structures relate directly to the input/output structures. In addition, you can add other manipulated values (“cooked”) that are based on other un-manipulated values (“raw”).  You can also “recook” cooked data into yet more information.

These cooked values are often used to convert differing forms of numbers or names for data into a single organized set of names or numbers. With these organized values, you can reuse your business rules in many different contexts. It acts as a mediator or buffer between changing data sources and the processes that consume them. It’s a change protection system.

Figure 3. This panel shows information very similar to the first panel where the "Input/Output Structures" are defined. This panel defines the internal data class used in the rating processes. This will not always be so similar to the Input/Output Structure.



Service Level LLC provides the Ratchet™ Rating system to support the needs of both the new Internet oriented marketplace as well as the traditional circuit switched marketplace. We realize that the traditional services still provide the largest part of the world's communications requirements..

Component view of the Ratchet Rating System

Figure 4. The components of the Ratchet™ Rating System

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