Boost ISP Earnings with Instant-IP® Rating Services

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Internet services are revolutionizing commerce and entertainment. The immediacy and diversity of Internet services satisfy needs in our business and personal lives and stimulate new needs to satisfy.

This is an immense wealth-building opportunity, but providers of Internet access are in turmoil over their revenue models (free ISP vs. subscription ISP) and face stock market analysts who are changing their stock valuation models from market share growth to earnings growth.

Moving customers to usage-based IP charging increases your margins and earnings from services while charging customers only for what they use. This pleases the customer who thinks they are paying too much with a monthly subscription and disappoints the heavy user who gets a bargain with a monthly subscription. Instant-IP Rating tells your customers the amount they’ve spent constantly so that both kinds of users feel in control of their spending. The following shows how you know what you’ve spent!

Figure 1. Desktop band displays of your spending

Figure 2. A web browser window shows the customer spending. The amount is in the bottom line of panel

These changes increase the usefulness of usage-based charging to customers. It is difficult to move customers to usage-based charging when on one-hand they see free Internet offers while seeing the use of the Internet giving them tremendous value (on-line brokerages for adults, chat rooms & email for teens, interactive gaming for the boys in your life, etc.). The new services envisioned in the next five years go even further to serve and to entertain us.

Imagine the future with Instant-IP Rating services deployed. Are these the comments your customers are going to make? Are they going to be talking about your competitors services?

“Internet Access is valuable to us, but the real value came from two new services. We got dramatic savings from the reduced telecommunications costs between our offices using Voice over IP and Fax over IP. When our ISP started providing a variable quality of service to support these services, we were ready to pay more to them to reduce our regular telephone bills.”

Usage-based charging lets you sell different levels of quality of service and value-price your service to the business consumer. You leave the business of selling bandwidth and enter the business of selling differentiated services where the content and quality of the bits is more important than their speed.


“Usage-based IP Charging is great! Since my ISP went to Instant-IP Rating, I only pay for what I use. Some months I pay more than I used to, but I’m paying for using it. In the old days, I paid even when I didn’t have time to use it.”

Residential customers welcome usage-based charging when they can see what they are spending. If you sign them up for spending limits, they can stay within their budget while only paying for what they use.

Usage-based charging lowers the entry point price to use the Internet.


“Our legal firm has been able to integrate charging for use of the Internet into our fees to clients. This has increased our revenues and turned a cost into a revenue producer. You might think that our customers would object to the new charges, but the productivity improvements lowered their overall costs.”

Instant-IP provides immediate information on spending to users of your IP services, both in summary form and in detail. With the Resale add-on, your customers can feed your charges to their client billing systems. This lets you sell to hotels, legal firms, public relations firms, hospitals, and corporate customers that want to charge-back to departmental budgets.

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